An Introduction

Startups have been using email marketing for years to rapidly scale their businesses. Airbnb used Craigslist as their lead generator, Tinder sent mass emails to leaders of the Greek system. 

Now, I don't care if you are a startup, a small business, a local mom and pop or a huge conglomerate, the data proves that every business can benefit from email marketing. In fact, you probably are already doing some version of it but the chances are your are doing it poorly.

Remember, every email you send (hell, every conversation you have), personal or professional, is either "give" or "take" in nature. This is a fact. The key to growth is making the "take" feel like a "give." 

This is where most companies fail. I mean, imagine if you were given a gun with the wrong bullets. How effective can you be?

Which is why I am giving you a step by step guide to successfully build your own email marketing campaign and private access to my own personal templates that I've tested over and over again for effectiveness. And it's all free. Ready to get started?