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Chris Sheng isn't your run of the mill entrepreneur coach, he is a 3x founder, startup advisor, investor, and current CEO of LeadrPro. He's advised or led 200+ venture backed startups on go-to-market and growth. His tactics, strategies, and growth hacks generate tangible results that lead to customer growth, which is why he's trusted by various VC firms to advise their portfolio companies. He's in the trenches with you as a founder, sharing his 10+ years of experience as a growth marketer. Name the vertical and he's probably helped sell into it, everything from gym owners, funeral home directors, pediatric offices, general contractors, to mid-market and traditional enterprise. He knows the channels and messaging to drive real results. 

Chris has been in the trenches, and has helped 200+ venture backed B2B SaaS companies on go-to-market and growth.
Sample Growth Hacks
Hack #1

How to use job boards for lead generation

Hack #2

Using surveys as qualification forms

Hack #3

Automating LinkedIn DMs

Hack #4

Leveraging the power of Ringless VM and SMS

Hack #5

Using public databases to build lists for licensed professionals

Hack #6

Using feedback to illicit engagement across channels

Hack #7

Scrape and automate DMs via Twitter & Facebook

Hack #8

Warming up email inboxes to send 100k+ emails per week

Hack #9

Building social proof, trust, awareness, and other key drivers

Hack #10

How to use empathy for engagement

Hack #11

The power of process and Virtual Assistants to scale

& much more...

Building a brand based on thought leadership

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