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3 Month Bootcamp: Startup 101

Validate and build an MVP of your startup idea, with a proven go-to-market plan. Real results or your money back.

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Startup 101 Bootcamp

What You'll Learn

If you’ve ever been that person with a great idea but no clue on how to execute, this is the bootcamp for you. Learn how to validate your business idea, build an MVP, and generate a waitlist of customers. Create a solid go-to-market plan and gain the confidence you need to become an entrepreneur. This is coming from a person who was answering phones making $12/hr in his early to mid-30s, before figuring out the path to become a tech Founder/CEO. No gimmicks, no short cuts, just facts and a list of actionable items that I took to get here.

Chris has been in the trenches, and has helped 200+ venture backed B2B SaaS companies on go-to-market and growth.
What You'll Learn
Week 1

Find The Problem(s)

Week 2

Identify/Define the Audience

Week 3

Propose a Solution

Week 4

Validate the Problem/Solution (talk to 10 people)

Week 5

Review the Problem/Solution

Week 6

Build an MVP (landing page)

Week 7

Identify Traffic Sources

Week 8

Drive Traffic to MVP

Week 9

Review Results - Next Steps (like building a team - either technical / non-technical)

Week 10

Start Building

Week 11

Go To Market

Week 12


Startup 101 Bootcamp

Learn More About the Bootcamp

Let's talk and see how I can help you take your idea and turn it into reality. Fill out the form to get started. If you have any questions I am available for calls. 

Download Chris' B2B Growth Playbook: Stay Scrappy & Scale
Created for Mucker Capital and Andreesen Horowitz
Presented at LATechWeek 2022
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